Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stuff I want to talk about but can't

Oh hell. It's been a rough few days. Work has imploded. I would love to say so much more but I can't. It's awful though. I nearly quit on Monday, that's how awful. I just can't deal with it anymore.
Insurance companies should pay their medical claims and not wait, oh 8 months until it goes to collections. It still hasn't been paid. People shouldn't have to fight and complain to get it paid. I've filed reports with many different places to get this done. I can't go into more specifics though. I wish I could.
And then on Monday I went for the state's safety and emissions inspection. Sigh. That was fun. The tires were apparently bad enough to fail the inspection so I had to buy 4 new tires. For a truck. Ugh. I didn't need that. On a Monday morning no less. That sucked. Four hours at the garage. (I drive the truck so I had to get the stuff done.) We were going to do it out at the house in La Vernia but they couldn't do it because they don't do emissions testing and it's $5000 fine if you get caught without it. So yeah. Didn't help that I came home to the collections notice that afternoon.
Anyway, in good news, the Greenhouse is up and running for the most part. We just have to finish and seal the door and we can move plants in. The back wall is up and finished. The water wall is working which means when you walk in, you can breathe. It's pretty cool. Our camera batter ran out so I don't have pics but I will.

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MLE said...

Sorry there are bad things. :( *hugs* Car stuff can be so expensive!

And yay on the greenhouse!