Saturday, March 31, 2007

Boots at Target!

Yay! Boots has finally made it to my Target! Happiness! There's going to be a consultant there every weekend to help out and test stuff. Plus there's samples. Oh yeah. Happy fun!

It's freakin' gorgeous out today. Green trees. Flowers. Happy cats. Once the batteries charge up I'll have pictures. Good stuff. We sat outside and drank beer and just watched the world enjoy the pretty day too.


MLE said...

I guess I'm just lucky that we were a test market for Boots. Unfortunately, they discontinued my two favorite products about a year after they came to Target here. :( But enjoy!

Cilicious said...

I loaded up on Boots before we left Denver, but it's all gone now.
Maybe it will eventually come to JAX, if it hasn't already.
It really is/was nice to have--I rejoice on your behalf. ;)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

It's not that Boots is coming to Target or that they have test markets...they sell different products at different stores based on their sales data, even in the same state and adjust the inventory based on their numbers. It's an integral part of their business plan that they became really famous for. People who lump them in the category of a standard big box store strategy like WalMart don't know what they're talking about-they have a really adaptive and flexible sales strategy.

(yes, I read business books)

MLE said...

Boots came to Target in Colorado about 4 years ago, way before they were anywhere else. And yes, they did discontinue two of my favorite products. I checked everywhere online, including their UK site - nothing.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The WalMart Effect by Charles Fishman directly lays out Target's sales model of differentiation among retail locations based on sales data. It's also highly improbable that any large-scale company would use a single city as a "test market"-if anything, they were likely to have sold in a variety of locations based on sales of comparable goods to test a variety of environments. Unless, of course, you have managed to canvass every single Target store in the state of Colorado, as well as the remainder of the states, it's quite possible they were selling in your state, or the one next door, before it came to the Target you managed to find the product at.

They also do not necessarily sell all the same products online as they do in the stores. WSJ just wrote last quarter about how Target's online store has been comparatively ignored-they're just expanding it right now.

You could, of course, write to either Boots or Target to try to prove me wrong and I will accept defeat with equanimity and amusement.

Yank In Texas said...

Heck i don't care. Boots is now at a Target near me and I'm happy. I just wish ELF would come to this Target and I'll be overjoyed! ($1 makeup- love love the eyeshadows and lip stuff.)