Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh hell

Looks like I'm not going to the gym tonight. We have a true plumbing leak. Water seeping up through the tiles and the drywall has water spots at the bottom. It's a slow leak and it's the ONLY sign. The water meter isn't running and there's no sounds or anything. Just water on the floor. If this, in any way, is tied to the foundation issue, heads will roll. I'm calling the foundation people tomorrow morning to get the ball rolling on that. They WILL fix the drywall.
I love my house yet I hate it too.

EDIT: So it's fixed. I'm not posting more until homeowner's insurance has taken care of it all but let's just say I'm calling the fuckin' contractors who remodeled. Someone messed up this time for reals. At least it wasn't a slab leak and all but it's still a mess. This is really just a trouble house.


MLE said...


I'm so sorry. Keeping my fingers crossed that your problem will be easily fixable.

Yank In Texas said...

Me too. Plumber is coming this evening after a morning of trying to get SOMEONE to come out. Was supposed to be here tween 2-5 and but well, with our luck...
No showers till it's fixed though. At least I can shower at the gym!