Thursday, August 24, 2006


We're changing servers this time, as our contract with the old one has expired and since they suck, we do not wish to renew. But of course they are making it as complicated as possible so it may be a few days until everything is back up. (They won't release the domain and all that fun stuff.) The new server people are being so helpful.
Backpatters who need to congregate can find other members at UKTrails Forum He's graciously let us have some space in his forum until we get back online.

Monday, August 21, 2006

How much have you changed in 10 years?

You've Changed 56% in 10 Years

You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person.
You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you.


All this waiting. Waiting for the foundation to be inspected. (There are minor cracks, boy wants inspection to be safe. Understandable but !!!) Waiting to make sure loan goes through, which it should, as soon as boy's boss gets back from vacation so they can do employement verification! Waiting for repairs on the house to be made.
Sigh. Hate this waiting.
If all goes well, we should be closing really soon. Which is nuts. But there ya go.
I just don't wait to wait to know. Buying a house takes too long, and even this wasn't very long according to friends. I want it all NOW!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

This buying a house thing

Oh my freakin' god. I think I may just kill someone. Don't know who yet but the boy is in high contention for never getting off his ass and getting any credit. (But I tried sez he. Yeah, applying to 2 credit cards 3 years ago isn't trying. argh.)
So we need 3 letters of credit. Great. His name is on 3 accounts. The rent, car insurance, and cell phone. Rent and car are paid on time, all the time. Early even. The cell phone is his bill. Can you see where I'm going with this? Yeah. Never really paid on time. Hell, the bill still has our freakin' Alexandria address on it and the numbers are still VA #s as he has NEVER BOTHERED TO CHANGE THEM! I'm not the primary on the bill. That's him. And this may be holding us back on a really good loan.
I added him to the electric account and got a letter but the letter only has my name on it as I'm the main account holder and he's just the secondary contact. We can add him to the letter easily but I don't know... I also added him to cable and requested a letter but I don't know what's going on with that. He's supposed to call the cell phone company today to try so we'll see. (He was supposed to do this 2 days ago but you know...)
And then there's the inspection. Nothing hugely wrong with the house, just a lot of minor safety issues. Basically the contractors were cheap and did a crappy remodel job. We've requested repairs to code and I'm waiting on a response. Argh. All this freakin' waiting. I'm going to go crazy. I'm the one doing all the damn work on this as usual.
Buying a house sucks. I'm sure the end product is worth it, but the process, not so much.

UPDATE: Just received word from the sellers- will repair most of it and the 2 things they won't repair, they will give us money for! Yay! One down, one to go...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Anyway, while I'm working on the subway post, random stuff.
House is almost to closing. Yikes I know.
AC replaced. Better not be stolen again.
Work is crazy busy.
Went out on Friday night again, rendering me useless again on Saturday. Oh well. It was fun.
Bought a laptop on Sunday as our hard drive is well and truly fucked. It's a hardware problem and I don't know how to solve that as of yet. I'm trying to figure it out though. I guess a new hard drive is in the cards... oh well. At least we have a computer right now. Computers are good. And a scanner! Yay!

Friday, August 11, 2006

I am such a dork

I was thinking earlier about how truly dorky I am. I nearly always have a book or magazine with me. I'm like Rory Gilmore that way. I carry around a large purse for the express purpose of being able to fit a book into it. Whenever I have a wait somewhere I whip out that book. I get my magazine reading done at the gym. Even when I go up to the boy's restaurant to eat, I bring some form of reading material. I'll put it down when there's people to talk to, but it's always there. People have come to expect that of me. The boy has become resigned to my bookwormness.
There are just books everywhere. Can't wait to have my own library!

I Heart Google

Just when you think everything is lost, you do a google seach and you can find hope. I've found several data recovery programs that I can use to attempt to fix my computer. I just want the pictures really. If we can get the pictures back I'll be happy. If not, I'll live but *wahhhhh*.
Plus google is so much fun for finding out information on long lost friends, roomates, acquantainces, etc. I've been googling so many people lately, just to see if I can find out what their up to. Sometimes I leave them messages on blogs, sometimes I shoot an email. (Toastqueen if you manage to find this- I can't use myspace at work! tis blocked!) It does seem like a weird way of stalking but if the stuff is out there, espcially if you have a blog or something like that, it's fair game.

In other news, the AC unit from our new house was stolen. We haven't closed on the house yet so tecnically it still belongs to the investment company and they have to replace it. Oh darn, we're getting a new AC unit. The house is vacant so it's easy to see how someone got away with it. Apparantly, these things are full of copper and copper prices are sky high right now, so it's easy money. Thefts like this are rampant around Austin, so I guess it was only a matter of time. Thankfully the neighbor noticed it was gone and called the listing company. But still!
I feel like driving by the house every night now to make sure it doesn't happen again.
We had to delay the inspection because of it. Oh well. Everything else is still on track and we still look to probably close by the end of the month!

*Neighbor update* Came home on Tuesday and there was a lovely yellow notice on her door- landlord is evicting her for failure to pay rent on time/at all. Not shocking at all really. Our landlord isn't the kind of guy who would evict after one non-payment /really late payment so she had to have done this at least once before. So who knows what's going to happen. We were late on our rent this month but a) We told landlord the day after I found out I wasn't getting paid on time (motherfucking crappy ass company) b) I wanted to make sure my check cleared c) we ALWAYS pay on time, if not a bit early and d) It was a day late. Landlord, who is also our realtor, was ok with it as we are always good with the rent. It's not my fault my company can't pay me on time. Hopefully it's a one time thing though. Urgh. I HATE paying late. Hate.
Anyway, that's the fun for now.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

In Mourning for Lost Data

My computer is gone. Kaput. It died. Hardware failure. It had a meltdown. And of course nothing was backed up. That was planned for this weekend. At least all the photos were. I think we’re ok without most of our documents- nothing to important was on there but oh the pictures. All the pictures. They’re all gone now. Erased. I couldn’t save them.
The computer kept freezing after startup. Sometimes it would freeze immediately, sometimes a minute after everything loaded. There wasn’t enough time before the freeze to do anything. I tried to copy pictures but I never could get it to work. I tried Safe Mode, it froze in Safe Mode 5 times before I gave up. It’s an HP so I tried System Restore, it froze. I tried the System Recovery where it resets all apps to factory settings but saving your data- that froze. Twice. And then it had a meltdown/threw a fit. There was a noise. And then nothing. It shut itself off. (Almost wrote shit there which also would have worked.) I turned it back on and everything was gone. Even the OS. Something had fried and it had reformatted itself. It’s all gone. Recovery CDs from HP are on the way because I don’t think we made any and if we did we have no idea where they are. (That goes for a lot of things lately.) I don’t think they’re going to work.
So we’re in the market for a new computer. First thing when we get it is to BACK IT UP. BACK EVERYTHING UP. Doesn’t matter what. BACK IT UP. Thankfully some of my photos are on yahoo photos but most weren’t. Everything has to be re-done. Oh the pictures.
I’ve narrowed the choices down to a MAC Mini, Toshiba notebook, a Gateway or a Sony VAIO notebook. They’ve got some really and truly good sales and rebates going on right now and I want a good computer, not some crappy HP computer that will die easily. Of course the boy doesn’t know this yet but he will today. He still thinks we can use the computer. I don’t think so. Maybe after some expensive hardware repairs but it’s almost worth it then to buy a new one.
Le Grand Sigh.

Note: All is not completely lost, I have found programs that may help us recover data. I’m going to call a local tech company to see if they can do it as we need another computer and there’s not exactly one readily available. (Friends aren’t exactly tech-savvy.)

Update: Tech guys say too expensive. One last try is using boy's bro's computer but that means a drive out La Vernia. He's the only one who would let me install a second hard drive. Plus it's the same brand computer. Sigh. We'll see.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Getting Too Old For This

This whole staying up late thing- just can't do it anymore. Well I can, but I'm destroyed and useless the whole next day. 4am is just not a good bedtime.
Friday night, I went up to the restaurant for my usual Friday night hangout of good food and music. Plus I get to watch the boy work, sigh. I love that. When we got home, some of our neighbors were hanging out and invited us over. They're all about our age so we said, sure why not?
We went over and the 2 girls were already very far gone and the boys were trying to catch up. (The girls had gotten off early and started with a magnum of wine and it just went from there. They were wasted.) We just hung out, played music, and talked. I got my inner nerd on with one of the guys by talking and quoting RENT. We both have it memorized. (Funny to note that both the RENT obsessed guys I know are both named Jason. Go figure.)
One of the girls, who lives in front of us, was starting to complain about her situation and how she never has any money. She waits tables and makes a decent living but spends it all partying and stuff. Her utilities have been cut off twice. She's going to be late on rent this month, and she still has to pay child support. (Has a son who lives with her parents. She's 31.) Responsible, no? And to top it off, she's asked our landlord/realtor to help her find a house. Somehow I don't think that's going to happen. I just don't understand how you can live that way. Priorities really.
Anyway, so we hung out with them for a while and then I started nodding off. I wasn't really drinking much because I knew I was tired. I went home and the boy followed a few minutes later.
I woke up 3.5 hours later to get my butt out of bed for the farmer's market as we needed some veggies and things. When I came home, I plopped down on the couch and passed out for 3 hours. Oops. The boy didn't even move when I left. We just can't keep wasting the days like that.
Makes me feel old but then again, I am old. I have responsibilities. I have to get stuff done. I can't party all the time anymore. Plus we won't be able to afford it soon anyway.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Contract is now pending

I’ve been rather remiss in the food area lately but that will hopefully show up again shortly. I’ve been doing a massive project at work that really takes up a lot of time. Plus there was the whole house hunt thing, in which I spend all of my free time scouring listings for a house that we could potentially agree on. Took us long enough but we actually found one.
So the offer is accepted and we are now pending. Now we wait. Unfortunately, our realtor is out of town this weekend. We got lucky and caught him right before he left town. We knew this ahead of time though. But still. I want more info and dates! I want to know when I have to move so I can start packing. And we have to fix a few things in the apartment before we move out (new screen in bedroom and new blinds, both thanks to the crazy cat.)
All this fun stuff. Realized last night that we are within stumbling distance from 2 friends’ houses. Weird that. I was at one of their houses last night and decided to drive by because I could. It took a minute to get there. I’m liking that. Now we’ll be able to switch houses for our Chinese food night. (They only have 1 car and a toddler and I don’t have a car seat.)

In cat news, she lost her second collar. Took her a week to do it. We’re getting her microchipped. There’s no other alternative. She’s figured out how to get the collar off and I’m not buying her a new collar and tags every week. Smart, crazy kitty. We can’t keep her inside anymore because she gets too wild and actually withholds affection. We kept her in for a week because she had no collar. She was going crazy and had all this built up energy. Plus, she didn’t rub our ankles like she used to for tuna. Instead she just sat there and quietly followed you to the fridge. She didn’t sit near us anymore, opting to plop down on the far armrest. As soon as we got a new collar and tags and let her out, she was back to her old self, purring and rubbing away. All we could do is laugh.Now, we’re taking a chance and letting her out without a collar. She doesn’t stay out for very long, which is good. We’ll have to get her chipped before moving though and maybe a new collar. No tags though. A sharpie will suffice. I swear, this cat. Such a weird little thing.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The counteroffer isn't much different. It's good. Real good. As in they're paying what we want.
Holy hell.

We found a house!

I can't believe it! We agreed on a house! I'm going crazy. It's a 4-2, 1900 square feet. Way bigger than we imagined but well, it's in the right location. It's really great. The kitchen is HUGE and there's tons of storage space. There's no garage but I'm ok with that. There's a basketball court in the back but that's ok too. We can do stuff with that. It's an AMAZING house and down the street from our friends. I'm so excited.
We put in an offer and just got a counteroffer. The counteroffer is just fine. They just want a different company for the home warranty and we might have to pay for a new survey to be done if the existing one doesn't work. I can do that. No money down, closing costs paid. Eeeek!
This might just happen! Oh my god!

Backpatters is down

For those few who actually read this, backpatters is down. The account was suspended due to the fact that somehow we were hosting a paypal phishing site. We're not at all sure how this is all going to work but if anyone has a clue- HELP!