Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Firefly in da house!

Somehow a firefly, or lightening bugs as they seem to be known around these parts, managed to get into my house last night. Punk had a blast trying to catch it. I had just blissed her out by brushing her (seriously that cat LURVS her brush) when all of a sudden she jumped and started digging through everything on the floor. She went nuts. She climbed over everything and jumped as high as she could, but she never did quite catch it. Ah cats.

I think I've managed to fix my sleeping issues. Well, mostly. I've been taking melatonin, extended release caplets. They've actually helped me to sleep through the night and I only wake up around 5:30 now, which is much better than a few times a night. It's been really nice. I do like feeling rested more often than not. Yay.

I made more salsa this weekend. The roasted garlic and roasted red pepper salsa came out excellent. I've tweaked the recipe a little, decided to use a lot less lime. My only problem is that I seem to filling up the jars too much. I've left plenty of room at the top for expansion, but it doesn't seem enough. The jars don't explode per se but they leak and when you open them, well, it's best to have a bowl underneath and do it in the sink. And open slowly. I haven't lost much, which is good. I did lose a jar while sealing. It just broke and let out all the salsa into the water. A whole quart! And it was my hot stuff too! Oh well. I've got lots more to make for the next few weekends.


Cilicious said...

Melatonin helps me, too.
I'd rather not take *anything* at all, but eating a half a melatonin is preferable to losing my mind from sleep deprivation.
The salsa sounds great.
I am going to attempt some slow-roasted roma tomatoes this weekend.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

melatonin always helps me out at first but I end up getting immune to it after a while.

I've switched to magnesium supplements. It's supposed to relax the muscles.