Sunday, November 04, 2007

The new boy in town

This is Alex. I know it's only been a few weeks but a new kitten was somewhat of a necessity. First, I needed a new little one, and Punk couldn't get too used to being alone. She was already becoming the diva of the house again.
So last Saturday I went to PetSmart to check out the rescue organizations and their adoptable kittens. I was looking for a tabby, preferably orange but then Alex poked his nose at me. I took him out and we snuggled. That was all it took. He was so lovable and playful I couldn't resist. So I took him home.
It was great timing as about 5 minutes before I walked in the door, Punk caught her first mouse. I had called the boy to warn him so he could prep the Punk but of course she had other ideas. She was all wild and proud. She scared the little one and he hid under a dresser for about 7 hours or so. (Punk spent the rest of the day outside.) During those 7 hours of hiding we could pet him and discovered he loves having his paws played with. I took him from his spot every once in a while and as long as I had a hand on him, he would snuggle and purr and be happy. But move that hand and bye bye!
But after about 7 hours it was like a light switch went on. He came out and started playing and generally going crazy. He also started meowing. Yes, I have another talker. He's not nearly as loud or as constant as Gabby but he loves to meow. He's a chirper actually. It's cute for now. We'll see.
He's a love. He loves to snuggle and curl up with you. He loves everyone. He likes to perch on your shoulder and then stretches out upside down. Strange little thing.
Punk is less than thrilled but she's coming around. She doesn't hiss and growl constantly and can stand to be in the same room as Alex now. They're due for a fight soon. I'm not worried though. They're making progress every day. I don't expect best buds immediately. He's got big shoes to fill.
I will always miss Gabby and she will always be my little baby. But Alex is here to stay and will help fill the hole that was left.


Cilicious said...

Good for you, Yank.
As you say, there will never be another Gabby, but Alex, who needed a home, fills the hole in your hearts.
(And gives Punk a little spice in her life.)
Alex has such a self-possessed look.

Rochelle said...

Yay Alex!!
Is he going to be, um, an indoor cat?

MLE said...

Yay, a new kitty! I bet he will look like Loki when he's all growed up.

-qir said...

What a little sweetie! So sorry to hear about the gabs. I'm sure Alex will keep lil punky on her mouse-catching toes!

Yank In Texas said...

Thanks all. He is a sweetie. He's currently perched on my shoulder with a motor purr at the moment. Punk is slowly coming around. She only hisses when he tries to steal her food now.
And he will be indoor/outdoor but so far not so interested in the outdoor.

-qir said...

Don't forget the Frontline. The dowager princess has a bumper crop of biteys. One even bit me!