Monday, July 09, 2007

Ah Reality

Vacation is so nice. Since the 4th of July holiday was in the middle of the
week, I decided to take the rest of the week off also. We didn't have any plans really, we just needed to unwind. And unwind we did. We didn't really do much of anything. Tuesday night we drove down to the La Vernia house and just hung around there. We played cards and darts, smoked some ribs and chicken, and that's about it. We would have done more but it rained most of the time. Like it has been doing for the past month. Just rain and lots of it.
We came back early Friday and didn't do much more around the house. The boy managed to mow the lawn before it started pouring again and played with some plants. I didn't feel like mustering much energy to do anything so I didn't. I cleaned a bit and did laundry and stuff but that's about it. We didn't even cook, that's how off we were.
The girls were way happy to be outside again. Punk had caught and killed a bird on Tuesday. I came home to lots of feathers but didn't see a bird. I had to hunt for the pieces. Yes, pieces. Ugh. Then on Friday, the two if them maimed a bird and spent the better part of the afternoon stalking it. They weren't doing much to it, just following it around and cornering it. Every once in a while, Gabby would take a swat or two, but that was about it. They broke its wing and all the poor bird could do was walk around.
The boy put the bird on the other side of the fence when we went inside, in the hope that it would waddle away. We brought the girls in with us and shut the door as it had decided to storm. Again. He thought the bird might have escaped to safety somehow. That was not to be. After the storm, we let the girls back out. It was either that or a night of constant meowing, begging, and craziness. (Plus the weekends are their special nights out.) About an hour later we hear a thunk at the front door and a muffled Gabby meow. I open the front door, and there is Gabby, sitting on the windowsill, waiting to be let in. Apparently, she had jumped the fence but couldn't get back over. She came right in and Punk came in through the back door. Not long after, the boy went around the corner of the house
to check on something, and discovered the dead bird. Punk must have jumped the fence to attack the bird and Gabby followed, as she always does. Punk however, can jump back over the fence. Gabby was stuck. This is the third time it has happened. Someday she'll learn.
Today is the boy's birthday. So Happy Birthday!! (His fam doesn't really do birthdays or anything but I made sure the guys at his work knew so they could make him a special meal.)

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